๐Ÿ“šHaruki Murakami - Norwegian Wood

I started reading Norwegian Wood after my relationship broke up at the end of last year. I have rarely read a book so fast. In times of #metoo and razor commercials that focus on toxic masculinity to generate sales, I still wouldn’t recommend the book uncritically. The female character seemed to me to be a projection screen for sexual thoughts and was not very elaborate compared to the main character. I attribute the book’s pulling power to my personal state of mind in recent months - the break-up with my partner was even more present than it is now. I probably wouldn’t have looked so critically at the attributes of female character in this book if my relationship at the time hadn’t led me to deal with my own masculinity and feminism. Seen this way, the book has brought me what I wished for at that time, namely to be able to better reflect on my relationship at that time and the break-up.

Subcomandante Maltos @eco_dialectic
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